Josie (brkdowninflames) wrote in theohiostateu,

Summer Sublet

This apartment is still available June-September.

Apartment for Sublease

Clintonville area – North High Street

June through September

2 Bedroom, 1 Bath

Rent (water included): $286/month (with roommate) or $573/month (alone)

For more details, please see under the cut:

Apartment has:

-- New windows

-- Air conditioning

-- Gas stove

-- Refrigerator

-- Lots of closet space (1 large closet in each bedroom, 1 linen closet, 1 coat closet)


- Very safe, quiet neighborhood, mainly residential area

- On North High Street with #2 COTA bus access to campus and downtown (bus stop is literally across the street)

Walking distance (within 8 blocks):

-- Park of Roses

-- Columbus Metropolitan Public Library (Whetstone location)

-- Jersey Mike’s Subs

-- Columbus Sports Connection (gym)

-- Chase and National City banks

-- U.S. Post Office

-- Kroger

-- Clintonville Commons Shopping

-- Auto Zone

Bus ride away (#2 COTA bus):

-- Ohio State University campus (approx. 20 minutes)

-- Graceland Shopping Center (approx. 10 minutes)

----> Target, Arby’s, Taco Bell, Bear Rock Café, Hobbyland, and more…

-- Downtown Columbus (approx. 30-40 minutes – no transfers)

This apartment is perfect for students that would like to escape the noise and dangers of campus living. The Whetstone Park of Roses is across the street, featuring a library, activity center, bike path, and gaming fields, perfect for summer fun.

My roommate and I have a lease that goes through the end of September, but we have found our callings elsewhere and need to sublease. Our lease ends at the end of September, but the apartment would presumably be up for renting then if you decided you would want to stay for the school year. Since the spring term for OSU ends in the beginning of June, we can arrange to be out as early as June 1st.

Also, the apartment comes semi-furnished including the items listed below. If there is anything you would like removed before your arrival, please let us know.


-- 1 couch

-- 1 twin bed

-- 1 dresser

-- 1 wooden entertainment center (large)

-- 1 wooden coffee table with storage space inside

bedroom closet

Bedroom closet



living room 1

Part of living room (This is also the couch mentioned above)

Entertainment Center

Other part of living room (And entertainment center mentioned above)

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask:

(If you email, please send the email to both of us. Thanks.)

Josie phone: 847-212-0969; email:

Lydia phone: 614-437-9811; email:

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