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Bedroom/Kitchen/Living Room Furniture For Sale

The items for sale are listed below. We are moving and we cannot take anything with us, so everything must go! Items are available for pickup starting on Tuesday, May 8. You must come get it yourself before the end of the day on Friday, May 11. If you have an inquiry about the price, please email or call. (Some may be negotiated)

Email: or 614-437-9811

Items are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Living Room:

-- 1 couch
-- 1 large TV
-- 1 wooden entertainment center (large)
-- 1 wooden coffee table with storage space inside
-- 1 blue rocker chair & ottoman
-- 2 floor lamps
-- 1 video-gaming chair
-- 1 wooden shelf (2-tiered, small)


-- 2 black table chairs
-- 1 microwave
-- 1 white metal shelf in kitchen (4-tiered)
-- 2 kitchen stools


-- 1 twin bed
-- 1 dresser
-- 1 desk chair
-- 1 sewing machine table/desk
-- 1 computer cart
-- 1 black metal shelf (2-tiered)
-- 1 black and silver collapsible shelf (4-tiered)
-- 1 4-drawer plastic dresser
-- 1 4-drawer wooden dresser
-- 1 3-drawer organizer (very small)
-- 1 black metal bedside table

Sorry the pics aren't the greatest of quality, but I suppose they are better than nothing.

In this photo: Couch, Large TV, Entertainment Center, Blue Rocker and Ottoman, Floor Lamp, Small Wooden 2-tier Shelf

In this photo: Sewing Table/Desk, Twin Bed

In this photo: 1 dresser

In this photo: 2 Kitchen Chairs, 4-tiered Collapsable Shelf, Floor Lamp, Red Gaming Chair

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