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Roommate Wanted?

Hey, my name is Anna and my two friends and I currently interested in searching for another roommate. One of the four us is likely going to be studying abroad in Spain first quarter, so we would ideally like someone who will only be living with us for autumn quarter. Longer arrangements may be possible (if our friend in fact does stay in Spain for a while), and we could be open to other housing situations.

All of us (Anna, Weifei, Anjie, and Ashley [who will most likely be studying in Spain]) are currently freshmen but with sophomore standing. In general, we are all fairly involved with campus life, taking around 20 credit hours and going to classes in the morning and afternoon. We are each in a slew of different organizations and have pretty similar majors mostly involving Business and East Asian Studies. We don't mind people who party, but we'd prefer no excessive drinking, and absolutely NO smoking in our house or apartment (currently we have about five different ideas lined up but are going hunting this weekend.) We are open-minded to anyone, lots of fun and easy-going, and we leave on the weekends at random, but usually not very often.

We are searching for another student who is trustworthy, low-maintenance, tolerant, compatible, financially stable and fun to be around. We want people who are fairly clean and responsible (unfortunately we spend a lot of time studying, so partying all the time would likely end up creating friction) but is still social and outgoing. We do not have pets, we do not mind visitors, and some of us even like to cook; we are involved in everything from the mountaineers to karate to the OUAB.

It would be ideal if we could find someone who only wanted to live with us for ONE QUARTER (and we could be much more flexible here!) but if not we could possibly make arrangements. So, if anybody is interested or knows ANYBODY who would be open to something like this, please pass this on.
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Hi.. my name is Josie and I am in the process of (hopefully) transferring up to OSU from FIU (Florida International University) in Miami. I know you'll most likely get some responses that are more conrete than mine. But I am interested if you could send me any information. If you'd prefer, you could email me at .
I consider myself to be very similar to what you described how you'd like your new roommate to be. I study a lot, but have the occasional nights out. If I could learn anything else about the option of living with you girls, it would be great. However I totally understand if you get an offer from someone local that is more sure of things for next fall.
I am still trying to figure out if I will have a car available for use, etc. Let me know what you can. :) Thanks and good luck!
Thank you very much, but we just found out the girl who would be studying abroad will be back with us! So, we no longer have an opening. However, I'm happy you responded here and I'm sorry it didn't work out... i hope you find a good place to stay when you come up here. :)
oh that's ok! she must be bummed out about not going abroad though. i know i would be!
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